One night we were having a small dinner at The Breslin, with their super heavy and loud bar chairs, and stumbled out of the place.  Where did we turn out?  The lobby of the Ace Hotel.  Several people were dotted across the lobby: in chairs, chatting in sheer black shirts, tucked into the couches.  IDEA: let's just check in!  Oh so spontaneous and fun.  Why not?  Did we have plans for the weekend besides wait for a new episode of Game of Thrones?  No.  (However the reality was that they were booked for the rest of the month so we booked a reservation for the weekend two weeks from then.  But anyway, back to the dream!!)

We walked into our room: key-cards in hand, one weekender, purse and nothing but adventure on our minds.  We explored drinks at The Breslin, oysters at John Dory and then while everyone went outside to grab cabs, we smugly (drunkenly) took the elevator back to our room to play scrabble and invisible karaoke (what are the lyrics? oh who cares!) ...

Wait, elevator?  No, silly us.  We forgot where the elevator was (some Vespertines and lavender gin and tonics will do that to you).  Instead, we found the Breslin's secret door that leads to the side exit and also a set of stairs up to the hotel room floors.  The staff did not approve.  We found our room eventually.

Really, the Ace is the best place to people-watch and live in.  I wish we could just move in here for a month.  But we'd miss Bakeri and the scent of the East River (more in the nostalgic sense than the literal sense) too much.

Hotel-hopping?  Only in this city.  We are thinking of trying out the Jane Hotel for our next bout of boredom... what do you think?  Any suggestions?

Disclaimer: the hotel rooms are not sound-proof.  Yeah we rap so gooood.

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