L' Occitane's Almond products make me a bit nutty.  I want to smell like it all day.  I usually do not like sweet scents but this, this I can do (bathe with, exfoliate with, sleep with, dream with).  I doubt the hand creams will be very useful now that the dry winter air is fading away... I needed something that would make me feel fresh all day.  Here are my secret beauty weapons:

Lush's A Million Kisses (sorry about how scratched up the tin looks; battle scars against those "plain-days").  Once I put the color on my lips, the smell of Rose hip oils makes me smile and feel irresistible (look out, Subway car.)

Loccitane's eau Ravissante.  Makes me feel youthful with the soft embrace of elan.  I think this might be a seasonal cologne spray.  The scent stays on very lightly but this is exactly what I want on hot summer days where I do not want to smell like anything but fresh roses laying on a bed of bergamot.  

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