There is no wonder genres of art overlap one another.  Film and design are good examples of this.  Many directors use color for effect.  Just as Vincent van Gogh used greens and reds to represent anxiety, Stanley Kubrick used contrasting hot and cold colors to represent chilling distortions within the narrative.  Here are color spectrum within stills of film.  Color is so important; they have deep and direct impacts within the aesthetic and personal eye.  So when someone asks you your favorite color, answer instead your favorite color combinations.  What do they do for you?  For me, a navy outfit with red lips makes me feel bolder than sans the red lips.

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou / Wes Anderson
(Bill Murray made the neon cap happen way before every roaming man in Williamsburg.  The defiance of cherry red against the blue is like a nod to all things quirky in Wes Anderson's film-panes.)

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The Darjeeling Limited / Wes Anderson

2001: A Space Odyssey  / Stanley Kubrick

The Royal Tenenbaums / Wes Anderson

 Birds / Alfred Hitchcock

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