White flowers lining the centers and corners of your home makes it feel brighter and calmer.  Flowers are as essential to me as tooth-paste.  Is it too "domesticated female"?  Sorry fellow feminists!  I just like pretty things.  Remember when Chanel opened up this pop-up flower shop?  I wanted to fly to London just for that.  You can't wear flowers; you can't walk with them and they die within a week: but oh well.  They reflect my own soft, pretty and short mortality.  The gravitas!
Perfect thing to have when you are in the process of cleaning up your house for Spring.  You can organize your closet and go, "man what have I been doing my whole life?  Am I where I wanted to be?  I didn't watch Les Miserables yet!"

After the mess you can delve into the new, the unimaginable, and for me, more color in my wardrobe.  How will you look in Spring?

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