Now that Governor's (mud) Ball has been dried up, Northside Festival is rolling in with the sunny skies here in Brooklyn.  Film, music and entrepreneurship?  Sounds like our type of festival.  Let's canvas the schedules and pick out the events we will be attending.

Ticket link.

Music (June 13-16):

Now, I do not know who Lambchop or Peanut Butter Wolf is, but I am sure they are perfectly good bands. I tried googling Lambchop but all I found was this:

We jest; we jest!  They all have great ratings from Pitchfork.  
(Lampchop's music actually sounds fantastic.  A sweet harmony of Bon Iver's romanticism and acoustic Bowie's yearning.)

Lek and I are more familiar with The Walkmen, so we will be attending that (free, what?! more money for beer!) show.  Here is the RVSP link.  Let's hope it still works for you guys.

The Walkmen are playing at McCarren Park, on June 15th. 

Film (June 17-20):  

I am excited about the film selection.  The films are being presented at Nitehawk, Wythe Hotel, UnionDocs, and many other independent venues.  Great venues to be in if you are not digging the music badge.  The films are a mix of DIY films by students and graduates, along with indie films starring (gasp) actors and actresses you know!  Here is the film list.  See for yourself!  (There is also a Taste of Tropfest.  Tropfest is a short-film festival on Saturday, June 22nd at Prospect Park.  Bring a picnic.  Get your RVSP on now!  Tickets are free!)

We are most excited about American Job!  A deadpan comedy about... American Jobs.
Presented by N1FR, the n+1 Film Review

American Job

Byzantium is a thriller film by Neil Jordan, starring Saoirse Ronan.
Presented by indieWIRE.
Sure, it is a film about vampires.  But why not?  It showed at Tribeca Film Festival and has a  It'll be screening at night (spooky) and at a beautiful venue where they have great martinis.  There is no problem there.  I smell a great date night here!

Maniac has creepy mannequins and Elijah Wood.  Another thriller film!  I am glad.  It'll be sure to wake you up after your day of work.  Also, there is a Q&A with Elijah Wood after the screening.  Frodo is in Brooklyn!  
Presented by IFC Films.


I know what you're thinking now.  "I came here for the truth!  I want to taste the tears that only a documentary can produce!"  Your Day is My Night is a documentary that not only releases reality onto screen, but the sad and tormenting ring of truth within the watcher.  Your Day is My Night looks into the life of Chinese immigrants living in Chinatown and how they deal with urban life, privacy, joy and sadness.
Directed by Lynne Sachs.  Presented by DCTV.
Screening with Other Voices, a documentary directed by Sarah Enid Hagey, about the voices of plants.
Both documentaries premiered at MoMAS's Documentary Fortnight 2013.

NeXT (June 13-14):

Here is the entire schedule.  While there are so many fantastic speakers, I must say that I am most excited for:

Thursday, June 13 • 10:00am - 10:45am 

Thursday, June 13 • 10:45am - 11:30am
Boot-strapping a $130 million business from $20,000 in just 4 years: Building Tough Mudder

Thursday, June 13 • 10:00am - 10:45am
The Re-invention of Invention. Disrupting Patent Law: the Story of the Unlikely Partnership Between Quirky and GE

Thursday, June 13 • 2:15pm - 3:00pm

Thursday, June 13 • 4:30pm - 5:15pm
WSJ Startup of the Year: The Myths and Means of Modern Entrepreneurship

Friday, June 14 • 10:00am - 10:45am
Made in USA – The Renewal of the American Maker
(Thrilled to see this conference about American innovation and manufacturing.  Entrepreneurship and investments in American innovation!)

There you have it!  A play-by-play of events you should be attending (we'll see you there!).  There is something for everyone here.  A great chance to relax, have fun and network.  

Film photos taken from Northside website.

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