My favorite sitting place is next to the window, at the entrance, for people-watching. This is also where the restaurant puts their best flowers.

The little shelf there holds an antique sewing machine, vintage flour bags and long stretches of willow branches.
I just dream that this is my home (because I could probably live on their menu).  This place is under the BQE.  It is in-between Brooklyn Heights and Dumbo.  The place is neighborhood friendly and chic.  The area it is in is not busy or loud--quite the opposite.  Right down the small lane from a children's park and dog park, there is a small block of brick houses.  On this block is Iris Cafe.  They have rustic community tables and the same smiling faces making sandwiches and buttery treats for you.  It is that type of place where if you go more than three times, they will recognize you.  It is the perfect place for romantic lunches with your sweetie.  
The most surprising thing about this Iris cafe?  Their iced coffee (iced coffee is an obsession for us. I order it deep into the beginning of winter and cough a lot.)  You heard it here first.  The iced coffee is comparable to La Colombe's.  Say what?!  It is thick, flavorful iced coffee, with a hint of nuttiness.  Love you, Iris.

Iris Cafe / 20 Columbia Place, Brooklyn NY 11201

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